What to Expect

Poppins uses a personal touch and a little magic to offer a specialized care experience for you and your family each and every time. We work closely with you to understand your family / needs and then tailor the care experience just for you! With Poppins, you have a care team right at your fingertips. We work hard to pair your family with the caretakers that best suit your needs. Never worry about child care again!

Join the Poppins community

Go ahead, accept that invite! It’s from a Poppins community member or caretaker who is already in-the-know.

Don’t have an invitation? Get in touch - we’d love to know more about how we can help your family.

Tell us everything - we won’t forget

During onboarding, share all of the details – we won’t forget. Let us know about the teddy bear that never leaves your daughter’s side, or the Big Bird song that puts your son to sleep in minutes. And don’t forget to mention the sweet potato puffs that go with every meal. The best part? You won’t have to repeat yourself! The information you provide stays in the Poppins app so every caregiver will know your family’s needs and routines when they arrive.

Simple logistics

Download the Poppins app and tell our care team about your scheduling needs. Whether you need coverage in 2 hours or a few weeks, Poppins will be there.

A perfect match

We use a special mix of experience, availability, ratings, reviews, and a little magic to find the best care team for you! If you’re looking for regular coverage, you’ll be matched with a primary Poppin who perfectly fits your family’s needs.

Stay connected

Stay connected to the kids while you’re away with real-time updates, pictures, videos, texts and more!


At the end of each booking, leave a review about your Poppin and your experience so we can continue to deliver incomparable child care each and every time.